Design and Learning To See…

We all talk about Design, I have spoken about Design…this video from Inge Druckrey is both breathtaking and eye-opening.  If you are involved in building a physical product, if you design websites, if you make software I encourage you to take the 40 minutes to watch this entire video. Inge explains that we need to […]

Design Thinking…

I’ve been spending a lot of time just thinking, reading, observing design lately…trying to train my eye and mind to be better. This is a great piece and would draw your attention to the video with Jony Ive at the bottom (just bought the book “Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products”, which I […]

Marc Andreessen, Chris Dixon, and Eric Ries

So many great insights for entrepreneurs and business builders in this video with two of the smartest VC’s in the business.  Grab a pen and paper and watch…let me know your favourites nuggets of knowledge in here. “Car companies output is cars, soup companies output is soup, technology companies output is innovation” `@pmarca via Marc […]

Love the Hard Conversations

Sometimes in life and in business there are hard conversations that are had and that need to be had. You know…the ones that make you wake up in the morning knowing you have to have that day but cringe about and actually look for ways to avoid them. Honesty can be a very hard thing. […]

No Room for Excuses

No Room for Excuses. Thought I would share this with my readers as a follow on and reinforcement to my post from a couple days ago Busy is Bullshit. Brad does a great job with a real life example of why it is always easy to focus on the reasons why things are NOT done […]

Don’t Flip Your Customer the Bird!

Communication is a two way discussion. Telling is a one sided soliloquy. There were three great tweets last night (see below) from @subimage that got me thinking. Tweet 1: @subimage “Do-not-reply” email addresses imply that you will dictate the relationship. Conversation is not welcome here. Tweet 2: @subimage “Do-not-reply” email addresses tell your customer that […]

Busy is Bullshit

Stop. What are you doing today? Look at your list of to do’s for the day and get ruthless. Anyone can be busy but being busy has ZERO correlation to being successful. Let me say that again…being busy has NO correlation to being successful. We must get better at focussing our efforts on the things […]

PUSH the Boundaries…Always

I have to admit that I am an Amazon fan.  I admire them and more importantly what they have been able to accomplish and create in areas that continue to push them outside the box. I have included a good post from TC below but no doubt you have seen what has gone on with […]

What Do I Do Now?

I feel like I am starting over.  It is a good feeling. The place and things that have consumed most of my waking hours is no longer my concern.  As a driven, high achiever who has never been without work it is an odd feeling.  Awaking in the morning to a phone without voice mails, […]

Whether you Die Quickly or Slowly you still Die!

I have been fortunate enough to be sought out by a number of folks who are looking for someone to lead their early stage tech companies and I have seen some consistent practices that I wanted to address here generically for anyone in the tech/software space. Things Change! Always! If you are not moving forward […]