Things To Think About

I was asked to contribute to a book that was being pulled together by Terry O’Hanlon from (a thought leader in our space).  Terry did a great job of collecting thoughts from many senior and very experienced folks in the Operations and Maintenance industry.  My particular piece of insight is on page 23 but I hope you’ll take a minute and flip through the book and I hope and expect you will find some nugget of knowledge that will be applicable to your daily life regardless of whether you are on the Maintenance and Ops side of a business or in a completely technology focussed industry.

The book was just completed in the last few days and there is some really good advice.  The eBook and slideshare in general is a really great way to receive and to share information, thoughts and ideas across a wide variety of industries and audiences€¦look for more slideshare stuff in the future from me.

Let me know your thoughts.

One thought on “Things To Think About

  1. It got me thinking about Data Mining and this whole predictive modeling aspect. I’m not a big believer in seeing the future, but understanding potentials most certainly.

    I would imagine that PMML is the technology to focus on?

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