BE Aggressive!

Many of the best business folks, entrepreneurs and even just true lovers of life have been “out there”.   Some aggressive folks have larger than life personalities, some even boorish, arrogant and tough to be around at time.   Other aggressive business  peopleare more demure, subdued and even somewhat introverted.   When I talk about being aggressive in business it does not necessarily represent a personality trait but rather a  way in which decisions and risks are researched, evaluated, reviewed, taken and managed.   People who are prepared to take risks, be aggressive and fail (sometimes massively) if persistent are the ones we hear and read about eventually.

A real life example to validate.   My wife and I enjoy Euchre and play on our iPhone’s.   One of the interesting features is a stats page that tracks your percentages.   In looking at my stats I notice the following:

Hands         349 Won         318 Lost

Tricks       1,557 Won   1,437 Lost

Pretty mediocre performance but the interesting stat is this:

I called trump 165 times and won 141 (85%) of the time.   So 25% of the hands I played I called trump  (which seems statistically predictable with 4 players).   This suggests to me that I HAVE NOT been overly aggressive in calling trump given you would think  that if you are neither conservative nor aggressive you would call trump about 25% of the time.

The risk in being more aggressive in Euchre (as in business) is the unknown variable…in this case what does your partner have in their hand.   I will repeat this experiment making a concerted effort to be more aggressive.   Not STUPID aggressive but in a calculated way where I trust more that my partner has a trick up their sleeve.   I’ll report back on the results and see what conclusions the data present.

Here is my question and my challenge….ARE YOU AGGRESSIVE ENOUGH???   I’m not talking about turning the dial from 2 to 9, I means moving from a 3 to a 4 and seeing what happens, then moving from 4 to 5 and seeing what a difference it means to your business or your life.

I intend to start to turn the dial…join me and lets track our journey together here.

4 thoughts on “BE Aggressive!

  1. Thanks for the euchre analogy. As a lover of the game I see your perspective better. I am firm believer in over aggressive tactics and find them to have the best overall results.

  2. This is actually something I practice quite a bit. I even go so far as to try different approaches with similar leads/prospects in our business.

    I think the real trick with being aggressive isn’t in just being, but rather in knowing when to be certain levels of aggressive/risky/out-there.

    • Fair point Matt, there is a fine line between being aggressive and understanding when you are pushing too hard. It is a hard line to find sometimes and unfortunately can be learned through trial and error but in general I think erring on the side of being more aggressive in your willingness to take risk and scaling back from there is a trait more aligned with many success stories.

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