A reminder from James Siminoff’s on Apple and Jobs

It is difficult not to read Inside Apple and have some emotion elicited…below is James’s take which is an important reminder that we have to operate within ourselves and who we are.  In building our own companies and establishing culture and style it is important to remember that there are examples of success in all different types of leaders.  My series on Inside Apple by Adam Lashinsky is intended to push you to think and to explore yourself.  As we review leaders in the business world there is no one model that works.  It is important for us to read, listen and learn from leaders and styles and to adapt and grow and be the BEST…which is what we expect from our employee and what is required in building a massively successful company that thrills its customers…

“It is not, as it turns out, necessary to be a micromanaging psychopath with narcissistic personality disorder (or even to pretend to be one) if you just hire smart people and give them real authority. The saddest thing about the Steve Jobs hagiography is all the young “incubator twerps” strutting around Mountain View deliberately cultivating their worst personality traits because they imagine that’s what made Steve Jobs a design genius. Cum hoc ergo propter hoc, young twerp. Maybe try wearing a black turtleneck too. For every Steve Jobs, there are a thousand leaders who learned to hire smart people and let them build great things in a nurturing environment of empowerment and it was AWESOME. That doesn’t mean lowering your standards. It doesn’t mean letting people do bad work. It means hiring smart people who get things done—and then getting the hell out of the way.”

James Siminoff.

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