What Do I Do Now?

I feel like I am starting over.  It is a good feeling.
The place and things that have consumed most of my waking hours is no longer my concern.  As a driven, high achiever who has never been without work it is an odd feeling.  Awaking in the morning to a phone without voice mails, emails or tasks that require my urgent attention leaves one feeling frankly, a bit lost and insignificant.
I have spent a few weeks catching my breath which I highly recommend and am now starting to turn my attention on What Do I Do Now…
I decided I would approach starting again like running a business.  Strategy and execution.
I have thought through a strategy I am following.  For others who may be going through or about to go through what I am, I thought it was worth sharing and getting comments and feedback on.  While each process step below could be its own post I summarize my process as follows:

Professional Reflection

  • what have I learned from my experiences
  • what mistakes did I make and why did I make them
  • what were some of my best decisions and what were the circumstances
    • were they risky decisions?
    • did I have lots of supporting data or little?
  • who did I surround myself with
    • what did I learn about people, motivating, leading, hiring, firing
  • what new ideas do I have
    • are they worth pursuing myself? startup?

Know Thyself

  • What excites me?
  • What do I have no interest in?
  • What am I really damn good at?
  • What do I suck at?
  • Where can I have the most positive influence and outcome?
  • Really build a picture of the type of company , the situation, the industry, the size you think makes sense for you…as many details as you can

Inbound/Outbound Marketing

  • where am I likely to find opportunities that match what ME
  • how do I get to them
  • My past Board members
  • Professional and Personal Friends
  • Other CEO’s who are searching…network
  • Recruiters *who really know the space*
  • VC’s
  • Twitter
  • Contacts
  • LinkedIn
    • Go where they are…conferences, events, etc
    • Set up meetings, grab coffee, buy them lunch, drinks, etc
    • Do noticeable stuff that they give a crap about…blog, write a paper, speak at a conference, etc
  • how do they find me
    • if you have been successful in past endeavours…they will find you through one of the ways outlined above that you are trying to find them
    • in some cases same as above
    • WOM
    • Blog, twitter, social


  • I CANNOT take a job to have a job…and fortunately I don’t need to
  • It has to fit the criteria I determined above and be a fit on a personal level with the people I will be working with and for or it just won’t work.  I will hate it and they will end up hating me and I will crush my credibility for the next time


  • plan my work and work my plan
  • be focussed and be disciplined
  • adapt strategy as additional insight and knowledge is gained about myself and about the industries and companies I can help

Like in business I have had success because I am a huge believer that success in NOT in the blinding brilliance of your strategy but in its EXECUTION.  I have a strategy, am building the plan and will begin executing now.

Would love thoughts and experiences from others!