Crossing The Chasm – Lesson#1 – Marketing In The Early Days

Where Do We Start?? Initial Assumptions: I’m going to assume you have a business concept, a strategy, some funding (bootstrapped or otherwise) and a product in some stage of development.  You may have some customers or you may be looking for your first but you are fairly early on in your company’s life but perhaps […]

Crossing the Chasm – The "Lessons Learned" Series

For starters, if you have not yet read “Crossing the Chasm” by Geoffrey Moore please beg, borrow, steal or buy (link attached) a copy and read through it. This book is one (of the two) most influential books that I have read in my time in small technologies companies. Crossing the Chasm is a book […]

Seek Out The Truth…

As you engage with your community and especially your customers, prospects and trusted advisors ALWAYS seek, ask for and encourage the truth. Too often people meet with others in their industry and have drinks and chat over how great everything is going and how wonderful their respective companies are. It is nice to meet with […]

I’ll Take Anger over Apathy

I had the good fortune of having a call with a somewhat angry customer today.  Yes….good fortune.  As I start to reach out to customers in my new role I am hoping to get one of two reactions: I love your software and have received countless benefits and value through it’s implementation and use. Your […]

Know Thy Customer

Seems like a pretty common sense piece of advice…and it is, BUT DO YOU? In the upcoming months I need to spend time on the road going out and meeting with customers and prospects to ensure I have an accurate perspective on how ‘they’ see our product. It is very easy to get caught up […]

Weekend Thoughts, Reads and the Last Lecture

Some of my Favorites and Musings from the week, hope you enjoy….. 1. On Friday we learned of the passing of Randy Pausch the famed computer science prof and all around great guy from Carnegie Mellon after a battle with Pancreatic Cancer at the young age of 48. His legendary “Last Lecture” is lengthy but […]

Hiring Engaged Employees

My last few posts have presented my thoughts on the critical need to delight your customers at all times and have discussed some of the how’s around that from the perspective of the types of roles you will require and some recommendations around the types of action plans you can implement. There is one major […]

Delight Your Way to Success

I have been spending much time lately reading and thinking about customer engagement and experience and the importance of it in all businesses. Having a truly passionate customer base is not just for intimate startup companies, as Apple and the recent lines we all witnessed clearly illustrate. Having your customers so delighted with their experience […]

The Power of a Positive Attitude on the Customer Experience

Is Dairy Queen the best place in the world to work for a 17-19 yr old young lady…maybe/maybe not. Is it her lifelong ambition and the reason she gets up in the morning…probably not. Does a 17-19 year old typically prefer to work on a Friday night or perhaps do something slightly more social? As […]