Things To Think About

Things To Think About E Book View more presentations from Paul Marshall. I was asked to contribute to a book that was being pulled together by Terry O’Hanlon from (a thought leader in our space).  Terry did a great job of collecting thoughts from many senior and very experienced folks in the Operations and […]

Lesson #2 – Sales Reps – The Changing of the Guard

My thoughts on Sales Staffing has less to do with anything in the book and more to do with my experience.  Interested in your comments, thoughts, experiences as it relates to Sales staff. Like many functional areas in your business as your market matures and as you are crossing the chasm the skillsets of your […]


A topic I could spend hours talking about but a good reminder as we plan for and head into 2010. Success in improving business performance is not in the blinding brilliance of your strategy, but rather it is in it’s execution. It is important to work efficiently and make sure you are squeezing every ounce […]