Crossing The Chasm – Lesson#1 – Marketing In The Early Days

Where Do We Start?? Initial Assumptions: I’m going to assume you have a business concept, a strategy, some funding (bootstrapped or otherwise) and a product in some stage of development.  You may have some customers or you may be looking for your first but you are fairly early on in your company’s life but perhaps […]

Is Your Message Clear?….Twitter Your Business Description

Had an great conversation while attending the conference on the value of simplicity. Many organizations, including mine, can be accused of complicating their message and making it difficult for their employees, their customers, their prospects and their community at large to understand what they do. An attempt of this for Ivara would be as follows: […]

Conferences, Community and Social Media

Had the good fortune this past week to attend one of the premier conferences in our industry (RCM09) and meet with several of the main players in our space, the asset health and reliability space, and with several customers and prospects who are looking to take the next step in their asset performance journey.  Here […]

Product Planning

There have been a number of great posts lately on the importance of creating an excellent user experience with your product. While a detailed look at a product planning cycle would be a full article I thought touching on the main points may be helpful. Peter over at Tech Capital Partners in KW has a […]

Doing Business in Russia, what I’ve learned so far…

One great way to start (and perhaps stay long term) in a new geographic market is through your channel parteners. We have several really good ones that assisted us in our journey into Russia. here is what I’ve learned so far…….. When you think about selling software and then you think about Russia as a […]

Ivara Commercial…stay tuned for your regularly scheduled program

Just to provide you with more background on what I do and where I work now I thought I would blog a little information on my company, Ivara. I am the VP Finance and Admin at Ivara Corp (parent company of Aladon LLC). Ivara is an asset reliability software company located in Burlington, Ontario just […]


Welcome to my blog on all things finance and business related in SME’s. I specifically live in the software world but many of the topics and comments are relevant in any industry. Early stage companies have a whole host of day to day issues that must be dealt with, avoided, managed and planned that are […]